Aquavap Indotec Agencies (NS) Inc.


Ken Martin
Tel: 902.453.6290
Fax: 902.453.9314
Email: ken@aquavapgroup.ca

Acme Fan - In-line, Roof, Wall, Kitchen, Backward Inclined, Air Foil Fans
Material handling and plug fans.
Fan-jet systems. Propeller supply and exhaust roof/wall fans
- Website: www.acmefan.com

Air Management Inc. - Aluminum, galvinized, stainless steel tight closure dampers
SST, industrial backdraft dampers, & fire dampers
- Website: www.airmanagementinc.ca

Baltimore Aircoil Company - B.A.C. is a worldwide leader of heat transfer products
that conserve resources and respect the environment. Product offerings include:
cooling towers, fluid coolers, and evaporative condensers
- Website: www.baltimoreaircoil.com

Belimo - Damper Actuators and control valves
- Website: www.belimo.com

Canatal - Computer Room air conditioning systems (1 ½ to 30 tons)
Featuring LCD touchpad & Co-Work software
- Website: www.canatal.com

Circulaire Industrial - Gas Phase Filtration, Heat Recovery Units
High Density & Deep Bed Scrubbers
- Website: www.circul-aire.com

- Geothermal & commercial heat pumps
Water to air & water to water in R22 or R410a
- Website: www.climatemaster.com

ClimateWorx International - Mission Critical air conditioning solutions
Several cooling mediums to choose from, such as chilled water and refrigeration (DX) in air, water and glycol, along with combinations for dual and free cooling selections. Packaged or split indoor units are available in floor mounted up flow and down flow configurations
- Website: www.climateworx.ca

Colmac Coils - Aircoil and custom evaporators,dry coolers and condensers
Heating and cooling coils, heat pipes
- Website: www.colmaccoil.com

Composite Cooling Solutions
- Fibreglass and composite field erected cooling towers
- Website: www.compositecooling.com

Daltec - Industrial fans and blowers
- Website: www.daltecfans.com

Dectron - Swimming pool dehumidifiers/heaters/ventilation units
Industrial dehumidification systems, dehumidifiers for ice rinks, pumping stations
100% fresh air dehumidification units
- Website: www.dectron.com

Durasystems - Fire rated duct systems and fire resistant barriers
- Website: www.durasystems.com

Econovent - Exhaust and compensating kitchen hoods

Eco-tron - Custom refrigeration, energy recovery, and dehumidification equipment
Indoor or rooftop dehumidification systems with or without energy recovery
Desiccant or energy recovery wheel, 100% makeup or mixed air, air purification options
- Website: www.ecotron.dectron.com

FM Welding Ltd.
- Custom built pressure vessels
Packaged hot water generators. D.H.W. concrete-lined storage tanks
- Website: www.soudurefminternational.com

- Hi-efficiency plate and frame heat exchangers
Gasketed plate heat exchangers, brazed plate heat exchangers, fully welded plate heat exchangers
- Website: www.gea-phe.com/canada/home/

Griswold separators
- Centrifugal separators and sand filters
- Website: www.griswoldwatersystems.com

– Flow control valves
- Website: www.haysfluidcontrols.com

Herrmidifier - Pneumatic, central steam humidifiers
Herrmidicool induct atomizing system. Steam-to-Steam Humidifiers
- Website: www.herrmidifier-hvac.com

Kathabar - Dessicant dehumdification systems
Twin-cell energy recovery systems
- Website: www.kathabar.com

Mason - Isolation, Floating Floor, Seismic Restraint
- Website: www.mason-ind.com

MGI - Variable frequency drives and inverter rated motors
Engineered drive packages and custom HVAC enclosures
- Website: mgitech.com

Metlane Acoustical Products – Silencers and plenums
- Website: www.metlane.com

Niagara Blower – Industrial cooling towers and fluid coolers
- Website: www.niagarablower.com

Nu-aire - Commercial Heat Exchanger Packages – up to 10,000 CFM
Plates, Wheels, Latent Recovery HXC
- Website: www.nu-airventilation.com

Plasticair - Wet Scrubbers centrifugal blowers.
FRP Fans, Dilution Systems
- Website: www.plasticair.com

Plymovent - Industrial/commercial fume exhaustion systems
- Website: www.plymovent.com

Pollrich DLK Fans - Standard and Custom Fans (Any Material – up to 141” WG)
- Website: www.pollrichdlk.com

Rosemex - Standard & Custom Air Handling, Coils, Varimark, Fan Coils
Wall Fin Radiation, Unit Heaters, Force Flow, Radiant Panels
Custom Wall fin Enclosure
- Website: www.rosemex.com

Solaronics – Gas fire low and high intensity infrareds
- Website: www.solaronicsusa.com

Sterling - Gas Fired Unit Heaters, Duct Furnace Packages (Indoor & Rooftop)
Hi-Intensity Infrared
- Website: www.sterlinghvac.com

Thermolec - Electric Heating Coils
- Website: www.thermolec.com

Tuttle & Bailey - Grilles, diffusers, terminal units
- Website: www.tuttleandbailey.com

Vent Products - Aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel tight closure dampers
SST and Industrial back draft dampers
- Website: www.ventprod.com

Ventex – 4” and 6” drainable louvers and penthouses (AMCA Certified)
Motorized airfoil aluminum dampers - Insulated & low leakage
- Website: www.ventexinc.com

Whalen – Vertical stacked fan coils and heat pumps
- Website: www.whalencompany.com